New Year Resolutions

January 8, 2020

Is it okay if I post-date this in order to try and trick one of New Years Resolutions?

Yes, yes it is.

So, here is my blog post for January 1st 2020. (Pay no attention to what the date above says…)

2020 Resolutions:

  1. 1 minute plank, every day
  2. 30 minutes of exercise, everyday (walk, swim, bike etc.)
  3. write, 5 minute daily prompt/free writing everyday
  4. 1 finished poem/CNF essay/Flash fiction piece, each month
  5. 2 blog posts, each month
  6. Read 52 books of poetry, this year



Kristina Neihouse




Still here. Still writing.

Still working on my second novel.

Plugging through National Novel Writing Month. Trying to be honest and only log the actual new words I write for this second novel (title undetermined at this point.) Consequently, at two thirds through the month, I have less than 12,000 words. It’s more than I started with and there will be more before it’s all over. My main priority is to finish the month with a solid idea of where the entire story arc is heading. And that I have accomplished, or almost so.

Another bonus accomplishment this month. I have removed obligations from my life that do not inspire me, or my writing. I am moving on and writing on!

So it begins again

Over and over I make a pledge to myself. Not to you because I don’t even know if there will be any yous out there. But I pledge to myself to write. Why is it so hard for me to keep this pledge? Does not a mark, permeant, on my skin declare “I write”?

So I should do that, if nothing else than to NOT make myself a liar-to myself.

So it begins again today. I will write.





Still here

It’s almost frightening the amount of good writing news I’ve had lately.

  • Knowing When to Leave awarded the silver medal in the 2018 florida Books Awards Young Adult Category
  • Death and an Abscess won 3rd place in the WOW Women on Writng Creative Non-fiction essay contest.
  • Anne McKee Artist Fund grant to help with professional editing for draft of When the Time Comes (Knowing when to Leave Book 2.)
  • Awarded the 2019 Richard Heyman award for Literary Excellence by the Anne McKee Artist Fund.
  • Fellowship to attend the Martha’s vineyard Institute of Creative Writing in June based upon my short story Keep Quiet, and Everything will Be Okay.

Daily, I am shocked, honored and grateful. Then I recall 2016 when I was rejected for absolutely everything I applied for. Then I go back to write and apply more.

Rejection is relative.

Can I admit I am struggling?

I do not know what to do or where to go with novel #2. I have 40,000 words in some order but not much punctuation or paragraphs. I’ve been working on the first five pages, of one section-there will be other first five pages coming–but I hesitate to show it to anyone yet.

Part of the problem is my physical space-where to physically be while writing? I have no room of my own. I do not even have a table all to myself. Is that an excuse? Or is my head just fogged with this congestion? throat sore, nose running, head swimming. Maybe I could cut myself a break…?

Write on-after rest!

February writing part 1

After taking an amazing workshop with Jennifer Brody I am back excitedly working on When the Time Comes (Knowing When to Leave Book 2).

I’ve also stepped up my submissions since January 1st, I have six pieces out for consideration. Actually, make that five since I received my first rejection of 2019 yesterday, from Glimmer Train. You can’t win if you don’t play. So I will be resubmitting “The Line” somewhere else this week.

Write on Kristina!