I am a reading, writing, librarian who feeds cats and spends Saturday nights in jail (see www.writeonpublished.wordpress.com )

At just past 50 years of age, I became a first time hoe owner with my husband Andy. After almost twenty-five years It looks like we really will be staying here in Paradise a few miles from the Southernmost Point.

Priced out of Key West, welcomed onto Stock Island.


Kristina A. Neihouse

long time writer…new blogger.

One thought on “About

  1. It’s Angela Specker. You changed my life, all of you & I spend every day trying to pay it forward. I’d love to get in touch with y’all somehow as I’m now a full-time activist/volunteer & needing some help figuring out how to use my writing more effectively for a good cause & could sure use emails to chat with my mentors 😉


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