January 2021 I’m back–again.

As a comfortable introvert, 2020 was not so bad for me. I relished in the time when it was finally socially acceptable to say, “No, I won’t be leaving the house for the entire weekend, thank you.” Although I do wonder if I have swung too far and am now bordering on agoraphobia? I still leave the house to go to work, and shop on occasion so I think I’m good? This has also been time for me to settle in to our new home as we were able to purchase an affordable housing unit in September 2019.

So, hello 2021. I’m still here and I’m still writing, and reading. Currently I just finished a draft of the full manuscript of essays dedicated to JtG; thank you to the 2020 Key West Writers Guild Award sponsored by the Florida Keys Council for the Arts. Next, I will venture back into When the Time Comes (Knowing When to Leave Book 2). I am looking forward to getting back to fiction. Non-Fiction, even “creatively” is too real. I’ve even been thinking about writing a ghost/horror story. That’s where my reading has lead me from Wilder Girls to Mexican Gothic to The Haunting of Hill House. Even considering (finally) reading Wuthering Heights-for the horror/ghostly aspect.


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